Thursday, December 3, 2009

Custer's Revenge

Custer for revenge (you can also know this as the white man arrived) is not being understood to the computer game that had hit the stores in eighties. I got the chance to play in the year, ancient person who is the leader of cavalry in the United States of America, Armstrong Custer and additionally got to met the end of the comic in place of the Little Big Horn. I can say the computer game is very easy to play: you had graphics terribly under quality in order to move the character to the left side of the screen and the killer deadly arrows, and then I moved to the sexual harassment of an average American lady.
I am truly not kidding you. This is the main goal of the scenario of the computer game named Custer’s Revenge.
This was not terrible kind of Adobe Flash pc game released by teenagers in age 16 – 17 staying with his mom and dad’s apartment. Mystery is written by a video game corporation which is not still in business and hit the stores for only Atari 2600 computer. Even though, in the Custer’s Revenge you had been accused of sexual abuse appears like being reviewed by marketing and management, where they forgot to think of adding ‘Custer’s Revenge is not suitable for children to the retail box. ‘ Do you face a incredible wave palm’ as had been kept back on the squared room floor. Custer’s Revenge